«ChiMaster» is an innovative personal device for checking and correcting
the Chi energy of your body.

Eastern wisdom states: "The correct balance of Chi energy in the body forms a healthy body and spirit." ChiMaster pen by assessing the heat absorption (Akabane method) of the acupuncture points allows you to analyze the balance of Energy Meridians and Chakras.
ChiMaster has been tested and verified in different trials all over the world within 30 years.


Individual device that works with smartphone (IOS, Android)
24000 ₽

How it works

Akabane method (heat)

Akabane method has come to us from the ancient times from China. Checking the meridians with the burning wood-stick to understand how much heat (energy) it can absorb is the essense of this method. Modern technologies have allowed us to make such test in much faster and easier way. This is where ChiMaster pen appears.

Test the acupuncture points

Assess the energy (heat) consumption of acupuncture points by transfering heat impulses with the ChiMaster pen. Compare the left and right points energy (heat) consumption and get various conclusions: 12 meridians chart, 5 elements chart and 7 chakras.

Analyze the 12 meridians
or 7 chakras

You can make Full test (12 meridian points on right and left hands and feet); Fast test to analyze only the balance of Fire and Water in the organism ("Energy dipole"); Chakras test - analyze 7 chakras balance.

Correct any detected imbalances

You can correct the detected imbalances by providing more energy to the side with less energy measured.
Balance is the way to wellness!

Influence on any acupuncture point you like

You can heat any acupuncture point on the body to increase the flow of energy through it. Doesn't matter if you like TCM, Sujok or any other system - it will work on any point you like.

Some of our published papers

Watch the video about this topic on our YouTube channel.

Muzhikov, V.; Vershinina, E.; Belenky, V.; Muzhikov, R. Comparative Assessment of the Heart’s Functioning by Using the Akabane Test and Classical Methods of Instrumental Examination. Journal of Acupuncture and Meridian Studies, 10 (2017) pp. 171-179.

Valery Muzhikov, Elena Vershinina, Vadim Belenky, Ruslan Muzhikov. Assessing the links between anthropometrics data and Akabane test results. Journal of Acupuncture and Meridian Studies. February 2018, Volume 11, Issue 1, Pages 31–38.

Valery Muzhikov, Elena Vershinina, Ruslan Muzhikov, Kirill Nikitin. Structure of Interchannel and Five Primary Elements Connections According to the Test of Akabane. International Journal of Chinese Medicine, Volume 2, Issue 3, September 2018, Pages: 18-29.

Valery Muzhikov, Elena Vershinina, Ruslan Muzhikov and Kirill Nikitin. The method of individual assessment of the action of insulin and its adequate dose in diabetes mellitus. World Journal of Pharmaceutical Research. (WJPR). Volume 8, Issue 7, 176-205. Research Article ISSN 2277– 7105.

Valery Muzhikov, Ruslan Muzhikov. Possibilities of the Akabane test and ТСМ principles for monitoring patients with sick sinus syndrome. Journal of Integrative Cardiology Open Access (JICOA). Volume 3(6): 2-9.

Our Benefits

Akabane method (used in ChiMaster)
is based on natural source: HEAT.
Easy to use
Full test takes up to 3 minutes using user-friendly
ChiMaster mobile app.
12 meridians, 5 elements, 7 chakras, Yin/Yang balance (Dipole)
+ correction function. All in one!
DIY - Do It Yourself
Be your own doctor and check the energy of
your meridians and chakras at home.

Our History


Our History

We have a successful history of development before this latest sample.
Dr. Muzhikov assembled his first device for this test in 1990. since then he has produced more than 10 versions of devices with various improvements, which are protected by 18 patents. A gold medal was received in the USA for the development of an individual device based on a new concept.
Our first version of the ChiMaster device at the exhibition in San Francisco, USA in 2014
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Software for Android
Software for iOS
From 09-2020.
ChiMaster theory
Book by Dr. V. Muzhikov
Brief user manual for ChiMaster device


Dmitry "Mitya" Orlov
GM and Trainer at Bio-Well LLC.
Very easy to use and to understand the results. Measurements are highly reproducible. I have started testing all my family. As I change my lifestyle I can monitor the process with ChiMaster.
Valeriy Muzhikov
CEO, Founder of Med Byte Ltd.
More than 25 years of scientific research and medical studies has proven that ChiMaster approach is an extraordinary way of testing and correcting the energy of the Chi meridians.

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